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A picture of author Kayleen Shani, who was born and raised in Kenya.

Jambo!Welcome to the bookwormnomad family!

Kayleen Shani

Featured Book

Sungura the Runaway Rabbit

Sungura is a little rabbit with a huge family. He has so many siblings that he becomes fed up with sharing everything, so he decides to venture out to find his place. With only a bag of food and water, Sungura embarks on a journey where he meets a variety of exciting animals. As he learns about their lives and families, he questions whether having countless siblings is terrible. Will he find a place to live alone or return to his brothers and sisters?

In Sungura the Runaway Rabbit, readers will learn the value of appreciation. With Swahili animal names, words and short phrases throughout, readers will also learn about a different culture and language.

Apart from learning a new language, the book teaches the readers different life lessons, such as appreciating diverse family dynamics and appreciating things and people in our lives, as what someone else might be wishing for might be the things we take for granted. 

Sungura the Runaway Rabbit front cover

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This is lovely written and illustrated book for children to hear and read for themselves, also I feel adults won't get bored reading it daily for a year or two. My partner and me felt it gets over the importance of family and the positive nature of those who make up ones family, being expressed by the African animals in the book. The Swahili names of the animals in the book are a lovely touch and brings Africa to the awareness of the listener and reader no matter their age. Nakutakia usomaji mzuri. Wishing you a good read.

Praise & Reviews

You are an amazing author and storyteller- Teachers from a local school

That's a fantastic story with an excellent moral- parent

Amazon customer

Amazing story! I would recommend every parents to read this story to their children. A must read one. In todays fast, modern & digital world, kids are detached from their family. This story is good start for all the parents if they want to teach their children how family is important and what can happen if you loose that. It is perfect blend of innocence and teaching. I would like to thank the author for her excellent efforts to touch such a sensitive topic. The book is well printed; and kids can easily read and understand. I was very happy to give this book to my child.The pictures are so attractive. The book is for little children of age 3-7; but as I said before has value for kids of all the ages; and every home should have this book. I believe my feedback will help all the parents. Happy reading. Take care!

Amazon Customer

Both my children (3 and 5 years) loved this book. They want to read it every night since I purchased it. This author is amazing. She talked at our children’s school and really captured their imagination

Children from a local school

We loved every character in the story, especially the scary wolf

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Our author Kayleen Shani who was born and raised in Kenya.

About Kayleen Shani

My writer's passion for writing started in school in Kenya, where I was born and raised. I enjoyed writing imaginary stories back in school. After finishing high school, I moved from Kenya to Germany to work as an au pair. I enjoyed working with children, which inspired me to pursue a nursery school teacher career. While working at the nursery,  I introduced the children to the Kenyan culture through music and Swahili songs. 


I started writing music after moving to the UK a few years ago, and I was inspired to write a children's book with a good moral. I also wanted to write a story incorporating the Swahili language to introduce the reader to a new language and culture. Therefore,  "Sungura the Runaway Rabbit" was born. 


The book teaches children the value of appreciating diversity and different cultures. My experience as a mother and working with children helps me understand the children's world and way of thinking, aiding in writing children's stories and songs.


As a self-published author of children's story books and a songwriter, I am dedicated to creating stories that inspire and captivate young minds. 

With a passion for storytelling, a love for children, and cultural awareness, 

I love to promote diversity and culture through stories and music.


My stories emphasise the significance of cherishing the little things in life and the love of family and friends. I aim to promote diversity in schools and create a more inclusive future.

Join me on this journey and discover the beauty of our diverse culture.

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